Educational Outreach Training Manual and DVD


Educational Outreach Training Manual and DVD

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Gloria Thomas Anderson, LMSW, a professional social worker and lecturer, has developed this much-needed educational outreach package for hospices and other healthcare organizations. Her inspirational message is encouraging to see and hear, providing valuable insight that you can use right away.

About the Outreach Training Instructional Manual with accompanying CD:

A simple and cost-effective action plan is provided in this easy seven (7) step Outreach Manual! It includes:

  • A 16-page PowerPoint presentation of the three key influences on African-American end of life decision making
  • Facilitator PowerPoint notes
  • Sample templates of marketing materials
  • A FREE copy of “The African-American Spiritual and Ethical Guide to End of Life Care“
  • A FREE “What Y’all Gon’ Do With Me” Pen;
  • A FREE “Tomorrow’s Hope” Gift Print

The CD contains all the contents included in the Instructional Manual for your ease to “personalize” without recreating, saving you both, time and money!